General Practice

We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive range of services for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Online Repeat Scripts and Referrals

Our practice can provide quick and easy access to repeat prescriptions and referrals for existing patients.

Skin Checks

If you are concerned at any stage about any changes to your skin (e.g. moles, sun spots, ulcers) we encourage you to make an appointment as soon as possible. A quick skin check is a great starting point for anyone wanting peace of mind.

Allied Health

We provide comprehensive allied health services, ensuring all your health concerns and needs are met at our practice for added convenience and ease. With the help of our allied health professionals we are your one stop solution for all medical needs.

Iron Infusions

Have you been feeling tired and low in energy? Are you anaemic or having trouble tolerating iron supplements? It’s possible that you may be low in iron and would benefit from an iron infusion.

Health Checks

Broadbeach Medical Centre & Gold Coast Women's Health offers comprehensive health checks for patients in the Broadbeach area and surrounds.

Children's Health

We understand that every parent wants the best for their child, hence, there are no compromises on the quality and considerate care we provide children visiting our practice. For us it is important that your child has a positive experience at our practice.

Cardiovascular Management

The team of doctors at Broadbeach Medical Centre & Gold Coast Women's Helath are able to perform a range of tests, including ECG, in our dedicated procedure room, assessing lifestyle and physical activity to diagnose a variety of cardiovascular conditions and disease.


Immunisation (or vaccination) is an important public health measure which aids in the protection against a wide range of preventable diseases and infections which can cause significant sickness in individuals.

Chronic Disease management

We are able to help with chronic disease care and planning. Whether you’re dealing with diabetes, thyroid disease, hypertension, osteoporosis or another condition, our team of doctors provide the very best chronic disease management.

Men's Health

At Broadbeach Medical Centre & Gold Coast Women's Health we understand that men have unique needs in terms of health and the way health services are accessed.

Mental Health

One in five people at some point suffer from a form of mental illness, whether it is anxiety, depression, stress, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or other psychiatric illnesses.

Occupational Services

Work-related medicals and/or consultations are an important requirement for many occupations. The doctors and nursing staff are able to assess and complete reports for you, often in the same visit.


Broadbeach Medical Centre & Gold Coast Women's Health has a QML Pathology clinic just a few stores down on the same level in The Oasis Shopping Centre

Sexual Health

The doctors at Broadbeach Medical Centre & Gold Coast Women's Health understand that sexually-related health matters are a very sensitive topic, and you can depend on the professionalism of the doctors and staff, trusting that your privacy is protected at all times. 

Sports Medicine

Sports injuries are a common and unfortunate side effect of keeping an active lifestyle, and can occur whether you are an amateur or professional athlete. Sports medicine is not just limited to treating injuries as it can be used as a preventative method too.

Travel Clinic

Travel is an exciting time. Before you take off overseas, it is important that you are prepared and immunised prior to starting your holiday. Travelling the world is exciting and should not be spoilt by avoidable sicknesses.

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