For Referring Practitioners

Referring practitioners can access our eReferral template to refer patients for a number of specialised services at our clinic.

We understand that because general practice covers such a wide variety, we all cannot offer every procedure or service to the patients. Therefore, if you have a patient that requires any of the following we would be happy to assist and refer the patient back to you for their ongoing care.

  • Contraception:
      • Implanon insertion and removal
      • IUD (Mirena, Kyleena, Copper) insertion and removal
  • Juliet Laser
  • miraDry®
  • Medical termination of pregnancy (<9weeks)

Although your patients do not require a referral, you may consider sending us a referral and we will contact the patient and write back to you letting you know about the outcomes of our discussions/consultation.

Below you can access instructions on how to download and install our eReferral and then you can download the RTF eReferral template.
Please note: this eReferral is only compatible with Best Practice Software.

Information for Referring Doctors

For more information regarding the services listed above, please see the relevant pages below.

For information regarding fees involved in these services, please see our Fees Page.

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