Medical Termination of Pregnancy

Broadbeach Medical Centre & Gold Coast Women's Health offers access to safe and effective early pregnancy abortion.

What is a medical abortion?

Medical abortion is a safe and effective method of ending an early pregnancy, up to 9 weeks gestation, using medication rather than surgery. You will receive personalised care from experienced doctors and nurses. Medical abortion is also known as non-surgical abortion and is available throughout Australia.

Deciding to have an abortion can be challenging, and choosing which type of abortion procedure is best for your circumstances can add to the confusion. Therefore, it is essential to understand the two options: surgical abortion (also known as Surgical Termination of Pregnancy, or STOP) and medical abortion (also known as Medical Termination of Pregnancy, or MTOP).

We offer the latter service; Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTOP) which consists of taking two medicines to end an unwanted pregnancy. The first medication stops the progression of the pregnancy. The second medication is then taken 36-48 hours later, causing the uterus to evacuate the pregnancy. 

How do I make a booking?

Appointments can be scheduled online and are most commonly performed over three (3) appointments. Both telephone and face-to-face appointments are available. (Please note: Telephone appointment rebates may differ from face-to-face appointments and are only available to patients who have attended the practice in the past 12 months.)

What costs are involved?

Our fees page outlines costs involved for this service.

You will only be charged for the initial consultation should you decide not to proceed with the termination. A Medicare Rebate of $34.75 is available for valid Medicare card holders.

Our fees do not cover the cost of the medication or any required tests to be performed to ensure medication suitability. For patients with Medicare cards the medication costs $42.50 and there are usually no out-of-pocket charges for the tests.

For those without a valid Medicare card, tests will be charged by the providers of these services, and the private cost of the medication is approximately $350.

Additional resources are available, such as pregnancy counselling. For further information, please schedule an appointment with your doctor.

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