Menstrual Concerns

Periods can cause a range of problems throughout a woman’s life, with certain concerns more prevalent at different ages. Whether you’re experiencing your period for the first time or are transitioning into the pre or post-menopausal years, we offer a comprehensive and professional medical service that is aimed at tailoring a solution to your specific condition and requirements.

The menstrual cycle is a natural process in a woman's body, however each woman may experience her menstrual cycle differently. There are a number of reasons you might need to see your doctor about your periods, including:

  • changes in the pattern of your periods
  • increasingly heavy periods
  • periods that last more than eight days
  • periods that come fewer than three weeks apart
  • periods coming more than two to three months apart
  • painful periods that cause you to stay home
  • bleeding between periods
  • bleeding after intercourse

If there is any change in your cycle that worries you, book an appointment to discuss this with one of our friendly, experienced doctors.

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